Vicks Vapor Rub Benefits and Side Effects 

Some benefits of Vicks vapor rub are soothing colds, fights against fungus and adding moisture to dry skin.

Vicks vapor rub is perhaps the oldest over the counter cold remedy in the market today. it was first introduced in the 1890's to treat pneumonia and since then, it had remained the number one cold treatment up to this day.

The three main ingredient of Vicks vapor rub is menthol, camphor and Eucalyptus.


Vicks vapor rub has been around for so long now and it is a popular for its benefits.

Some of the benefits of the Vicks vapor rub may include:

  • Soothe colds. Vicks vapor rub main benefit is to soothe colds. Children over two years of age as well as adults can use the Vicks vapor rub. This is best applied in the throat and chest to loosen the phlegm and reduce the urge to cough. The menthol and camphor also works as topical analgesics which can offer pain relief. Though, Vicks is not promoted as nasal decongestant, it can also aid in unclogging the sinuses. For people with glucose problems, Vicks vapor rub is safe to use.
  • Fungus killer. Unknown to many, Vicks vapor rub can also help them against their fight with fungus especially toenail fungus. Studies show that the vapor rub has menthol, camphor and thymol which are effective in treating fungus candida albicans. For best results, apply Vicks vapor rub two times daily.
  • Add moisture. Vicks vapor rub contains petroleum jelly. It is an emollient and it can add moisture to severely dry skin. People who have flakes in the scalp can also benefit with Vicks. Applying it in the scalp can lessen the itchiness and scales.

Side Effects

Vicks vapor rub may also have some side effects. Some side effects may include:

  • Too much application of Vicks may result to skin redness, soreness and irritated skin. To avoid this, apply thinly and do not cover the area with Vicks.
  • Overdose of camphor is possible if Vicks is ingested. If Vicks is ingested, it may lead to burning sensation and vomiting. To avoid this, do not ingest the Vicks vapor rub.
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